Happy almost-Halloween!

Hopefully as you’re reading this, fake blood, makeup and candy crumbs aren’t accumulating on your keyboard. The candy is for TOMORROW night! And while I’m offering suggestions, how about double the candy for anyone dressed as a Star Wars character?

Note: Not my family…

Our topic today: blogging. Now, I’m sure there are a plethora of blogs and sites you’d love to keep track of, but it’s hard to find them in the Ocean that is the internet. As a fellow internet surfer it’s hard to find things that interest, or pertain to, me. While I can’t pretend to have the answers for finding a way to get noticed, I can show you, the wonderful readers that stumbled onto my blog, what makes this blog different, and why you may want to keep tabs on it moving forward.

For starters I will tell you what I’m not. I’m not zany, wild, crazy and willing to do anything for a “like” or “follow.”

But seriously, I have nothing against these individuals, just letting you know not to get your hopes up if that’s what you are looking for. There will be no nudity or shocking revelations on this blog.

In general, I’m a pretty humorous and humble individual. If I had less humility I’d tell you that I’m flat out hilarious and an amazing communicator who will keep you grinning through each posting – but that’s not my style. I started out life in the lower socioeconomic sphere, spending my early years between a trailer and a caretaker’s home. Beginning at the bottom and living around the top has taught me a lot.

After high school I traveled the world with the Army, yes the commercials are true. And after 8 years of that life I got a dog, attended college, studied journalism, got married, got a “real” job and bought a condo… then got another dog and moved from journalism to strategic communications. Unrelated: If you like dogs, check mine out on Instagram.

Now as an adult I’ve successfully climbed the ladder all the way to the middle middle-class! Move over the Jones’!

I have quite a ways until I’m Drake successful though. Maybe with your help and traffic??

I know what you’re thinking… “cool, so what?” I understand, I feel that way too when I read bios online. But what I’m offering on my site isn’t just the incoherent ramblings of a self-important man. I come from a place few leave and have visited places few will ever see. Throughout my life I’ve been a constant communicator and I attended college to further my knowledge of this area. It worked! I work and live this life. I will provide a platform for others to share their stories or their communication ambitions and share the secrets of others who’ve “made it.”

My goal is to be a role model to those younger than myself from the poor neighborhoods and to help communicators perform their jobs better and to surround myself with people who challenge me to be better every day.

I want to gain followers who know that my product is communicating about life. I’ll use specific social networking tools to help extend my reach and develop my knowledge base. You can connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter. As Deckers and Lacy (2013) discuss, I will invest in other people by taking time to share pertinent stories and links through my social networks. I will keep my followers abreast of what’s happening in our field by blogging about conferences and professional “social” events with communicators. Just because you can’t attend a conference or event doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to access the knowledge!

Martinuzzi (2014) says we must develop a brand mantra that is the essence of your brand. Here’s mine – Embrace Your Story: Share It. This demonstrates that we as individuals all have something to say. It also means to take chances, don’t just exist. Following me will provide you with funny photos, commentary on life, entertainment politics and the like; but at the core is communication. Sharing tips and stories of how to reach the audience you want through social networking and traditional communication means.

If I’m your cup of tea then stay tuned…

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